Personal Income Tax

Not only will we prepare your personal income tax return (T1), but we can also help you apply for other services that may enable you and your family to save on your day to day needs; such as Medical Premiums Assistance, BC Housing Subsidy, and more.

Self-Employed Small Business Owners

Do you operate a small business? We can perform your daily bookkeeping tasks, look after your payroll, CRA remittances, WorkSafe BC and GST returns and file your taxes (T2125). Let us do what we do best so you can do more of what YOU do best!

Corporate Taxes & Allowable Business Investment Loss (ABIL)

Our consultant, former owner, Roxanne Haddrell, will continue to prepare your Corporate Tax Return (T2), and can assist you in Family Tax Planning.

  • Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL)

    The CSIL statement can be daunting to some, especially when you have so many other issues to deal with at this time. We will prepare your payroll, provide you with CRA remittance amounts, do your book keeping, and fill in your CSIL statement so you can focus on more important matters at hand. Let us take the stress from you.

  • Low Income

    Here at Blue Skies Tax, we pride ourselves on ‘fair-priced’ service. If you have little or no income, we have special price considerations to help you file your taxes on time.

  • CRA Compliance Letters

    If you need a letter of explanation, or must provide more details, we can help you fulfill CRA requirements.

  • Disabled Individuals

    Do you have a severe and prolonged disability? Does it interfere with your ability to work and make a living? We can help you determine if you are eligible to apply for the Disability Tax Credit. Insulin-dependent tax-payers may qualify.

  • Haven’t filed your taxes in a long time?

    Not a problem! We can help you get caught up with Canada Revenue Agency, and we will even offer you an easy payment plan in order for you to be up to date. You may be missing out on benefits such as GST credits, and Working Income Tax Benefits (WITB). Once you are caught up you may be eligible for past benefits.

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